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Survey for Husbands

Survey for Husbands

Guys, my wife, the Peaceful Wife, is doing a survey for husbands on contact with your wife while you are at work.  With most people now having access to smart phones and computers at work, the ability to have contact through email and texts is available just about...

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Peaceful Wife Blog: The Peaceful Wife

No More Teeny Tiny Boxes!

No More Teeny Tiny Boxes!

Reminder – I am going to be doing a conference in Eaton, OH this Saturday, Feb 25th! And I am planning a conference in the Columbia, SC area for March 24th-25th. Check out this post with links if you are interested in getting tickets. I am still learning and have much growing to do in […]

Peaceful Single Girl: Peaceful Single Girl

No More Little Boxes!

I am still learning and have much growing to do in my faith in Christ. I think I am pretty much a “toddler” spiritually when it comes to how much more maturity and growth still needs to happen in my soul. There is so much more, I know, that I could experience with God. I […]

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