Truth is a subject that is almost becoming lost in today’s society. It seems that everywhere you look someone is stretching the truth. It may be the politicians that have ads on all of the time that are more than happy to tell us about how bad the other guy is while the next commercial tells us how bad they are. It may be the coverage on the news about every court case that is reported on and how the defendant always testifies their innocence despite the overwhelming amount of evidence against them. Maybe it is the little white lie that you told your wife about something to cover for something you did wrong. It is not so easy whitewash the topic when I start hitting on the home front.

Let’s look at some ways that we can practice being truthful in the way we live and function. Let’s call these the Truth Training Traits.

Commit yourself to live and tell the truth no matter what.

In order to be a man of truth we have to live it every day. That means we have to stay true to our convictions even when it isn’t convenient or popular.

Confess to God when you lie and have deceitful thoughts.

We need to deal with any lapses in truth quickly. We can always ask for forgiveness and recommit ourselves to the truth.

Avoid lying.

Lying is easy and we are fully capable of producing it in many forms. Lying can be found in exaggeration, flattery, silence when we do not speak up, fraud, or hypocrisy. A lie is still a lie no matter how cleverly we do it.

Don’t tell everything you know.

It is sometimes better to keep some things to yourself. Even if you know it is true you need to use discretion to decide what should be shared and what doesn’t. This should be evaluated even more when you are considering airing something on a social network like Facebook or Twitter.

The truth will set you free.

Truth is completely connected to freedom. We can only have freedom when we embrace the truth. The bondage of sin is only broken when we have embraced the truth.

Right wrongs.

We need to stand up for the truth. If something is being shared that is untrue, we have a responsibility to set the record straight and not become a party to the untruth.

Timely truth.

Some truths need to be shared at the right time. Be careful not to embarrass someone to share truth with them. We need to be sensitive and choose an appropriate time and place to share sensitive matters of truth.

The truth needs to be delivered correctly.

We need to use the right tone and body language to convey the truth. Depending on our approach we can make people open to the truth or make them defensive and closed to the truth.

Past untruths should be set straight.

If you were untruthful to someone in the past, it is important to confess to them your untruth and set things straight. Your witness to that person will always be flawed until you have admitted that you were wrong openly to them.

Don’t compromise the truth

It is important that we refuse to compromise on the truth. Little compromises can lead to more compromises until we completely break down our character and testimony.