Recently, over at the Peacefulwife Blog, my wife ran a guest post entitled “101 Ways to Show Respect for Your Husband.”  This was an awesome list, so the Peacefulwife asked if he could come up with 101 Ways to Love your Wife.  After working on it a couple of weeks he came back with a great list.  I can say for certain that after the Peacefulwife read it she thought each way was spot on.  I decided that the whole 101 was a bit much to swallow at one time so I am going to post it in a series by the categories.

101 Ways to Love your Wife: Cleverness

Lastly, be clever. Think about how she loves you, because often that’s how she wants to be loved in return.

  1. She’s in the shower? Throw her towel in the dryer for a few minutes– gotta love a warm towel.

  2. She’s on the phone? Take the kids into a different room.

  3. She doesn’t like driving? Make sure that you drive whenever possible.

  4. She’s looking for direction? Be decisive and don’t make her wait.

  5. She looks down? Go give her a hug and just listen.

  6. She looks exhausted? Send her to bed!

  7. She’s had a bad day? Break out the chocolate, a movie or some ice cream.

  8. She needs a friend? Be there.

  9. She needs a lover? This one should be easy guys.

  10. She needs a tissue? By now you get the idea.

  11. You show her love, she’ll show you respect, and you’ll both grow together.