Recently, over at the Peacefulwife Blog, my wife ran a guest post entitled “101 Ways to Show Respect for Your Husband.”  This was an awesome list, so the Peacefulwife asked if he could come up with 101 Ways to Love your Wife.  After working on it a couple of weeks he came back with a great list.  I can say for certain that after the Peacefulwife read it she thought each way was spot on.  I decided that the whole 101 was a bit much to swallow at one time so I am going to post it in a series by the categories.

101 Ways to Love your Wife: Communication

It is harder, I believe, to pin down exactly what you can do to love a wife simply because love takes so many different forms and is very different per individual. Respect is something that there is general agreement between men, with some minor discrepancies here and there, but showing love can certainly differ. So, while I humbly submit this list, I do so with the disclaimer that “your mileage may vary,” meaning it will be different depending on the woman. There are no guarantees and batteries are never included.


I could write a whole article simply on the topic of communication. Women are typically better communicators on multiple levels. Men typically like to solve things internally. You can easily show love to your wife by simply getting involved in it, by giving her a sounding board for what she’s thinking and talking back. You shouldn’t tune out, and you should pay attention! Here are some ideas how that plays out showing love to your wife.

  1. Start your morning by talking to her– even if it’s just “Good Morning”.

  2. End your day by giving her a kiss or telling her “Good night.”

  3. Pray together

  4. Spend time talking over the Bible together

  5. Spend time talking over what interests her.

  6. If she starts talking to you, no matter what it is about, stop what you’re doing and give her eye contact.

  7. If it’s her on the telephone, take the call.

  8. Mute the television if she comes in to talk with you– or turn it off.

  9. Send texts to your wife though out the day.

  10. Send your wife e-mails of things that you find through out the day.

  11. Make sure that all of your answers to her questions aren’t mumbles.

  12. Do not let a child interrupt you when you are talking with your wife.

  13. Leave your phone in the other room, or put it upside down on the table with the      ringer off when you talk with your wife.

  14. Make sure that you vary the depths of your conversation.

  15. Make physical contact during communication.