Recently, over at the Peacefulwife Blog, my wife ran a guest post entitled “101 Ways to Show Respect for Your Husband.”  This was an awesome list, so the Peacefulwife asked if he could come up with 101 Ways to Love your Wife.  After working on it a couple of weeks he came back with a great list.  I can say for certain that after the Peacefulwife read it she thought each way was spot on.  I decided that the whole 101 was a bit much to swallow at one time so I am going to post it in a series by the categories.

101 Ways to Love your Wife: Creativity

When you were trying to win her, you got creative. Whether it was notes, flowers, or surprises, you made sure that she knew that you loved her. Why did that stop?

  1. Write her a letter and send it from work– especially works when she gets the mail.

  2. Have flowers sent to her at work or home.

  3. Have an Edible Arrangement sent to her work or home.

  4. Leave notes around the house for her to find telling her that you love her.

  5. While at church, have a couple of girls tell your wife that the guy over there (pointing at you) thinks she’s beautiful. (Helps if they giggle/don’t know that you’re married.)

  6. Serenade her in front of the kids.

  7. Buy her pjs, some sparkling grape juice and chocolate– shut the door to the bedroom after the kids are tucked in… You can take it from here.

  8. Plan a date out without her knowing, and surprise her.

  9. Meet her for lunch.

  10. Make her her favorite meal– or the only one you know how to make– however that works out.

  11. Spend some time listening or watching your wedding together.

  12. Show your kids your wedding album and tell them about how much you loved their mother in front of her.

  13. Make her use those love coupons you made her/gave to her.

  14. If she’s been looking at something special for herself, find a way to make sure that she can get it.

  15. Give her the night off from the kids if at all possible.