Month: April 2013


Last Sunday in my Sunday School Class, we were studying 2 Timothy, Chapter 2. In the first part of that chapter Paul gives three examples for Timothy to follow. In 2 Timothy 2:3-4, the Bible reads, “Endure hardship with us...

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Peaceful Wife Blog: The Peaceful Wife

13 Marriage Experts Share Their Best Advice

13 Marriage Experts Share Their Best Advice

Photo by Gianni Scognamiglio on Unsplash I’m thrilled to share that I got to be part of a panel of Christian marriage bloggers/authors on a guest post for Woman of Noble Character.   Check out the post: How to Have a Thriving Christian Marriage: Marriage Advice from 13 Experts.

Peaceful Single Girl: Peaceful Single Girl

12 Ways to Scare Off a Great Guy

12 Ways to Scare Off a Great Guy

Photo by Moon on Unsplash Some things draw our men to us. Other things repel them. While each individual can be unique in certain preferences, there are some things that would drive just about any emotionally/spiritually healthy man away from a relationship with his girl. (A lot of these work in reverse, too, ladies! So […]

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