I would like to share a story that a husband sent in to my wife’s facebook page.  The story does a good job of illustrating how important it is for us to lead our family by making the right decisions and not just go the route of least resistance.  Our decisions may not always be the most popular but we are asked to lead by making selfless, responsible decisions.
I wanted to let you know of something that happened the other day. After eating our dinner together, we both had a little left over on our plates. My wife asked if she could feed the dogs the left overs. We have three well loved and very spoiled dogs and hence they have grown more than a bit rotund.  I initially said no, since we had agreed numerous times how we shouldn’t feed them extras. We have been pretty good on keeping on their doggy diet (although we haven’t been able to find leg warmers for them for aerobics). My wife is more than a bit tenderhearted for our little brood, so she asked nicely a second time. This time I agreed.

The next morning I woke up and noticed she seemed tired still. I asked what was the matter, when she said she had been up with the dogs several times to take them outside. (I can sleep through a tornado so I hadn’t heard them). She then said jokingly “you shouldn’t have let me feed them, the extra food. It must have got them sick”. I playfully retorted something like “…you fed them and I get blamed?”. Whereas she came back along the lines of “….you are the man of the house, you need to tell me no”.

All this banter was in good fun, we love to softly prod each other on occasion. Nothing disrespectful just fun. But even though she wasn’t actually shedding the responsibility of her actions, she was making it clear to me that I was to make the final decision on matters. I was to see through the emotions of the moment and make a clear headed choice for us.

As I’ve said before, her love and trust in me inspires me and yet still takes me aback at times. It’s such a beautiful thing to know my wife honors and respects me in such a way that I want to be the better man for her. As men it is a lot of responsibility to be unselfish and correct (or as correct as we can be) in our decisions but with a supportive and submissive wife we have more than enough motivation to do so.

PS. We had left overs last night, this time there was no wavering. Sorry pups!