Reasons We Don’t Take Time For Seclusion

  1. Guilt – We feel such an obligation to our families or work that we feel guilty not giving them priority over our time for seclusion. We fall for the trap that taking time for ourselves is selfish. What we really are doing is taking time to get our relationship with God in order.
  2. Busyness – We just do not have the time. It would be better if we looked at seclusion as part of our preparation. How many times have we been involved with all of the activities surrounding our day at home and work and later look back and see that if we would have taken a few moments to focus and recharge we would have accomplished more?
  3. Ego – We feel that we are too important to be away from our work or family. We have a fear that everything will crumble without our constant attention. We are very susceptible to not allowing God to be in control of our lives. Taking time for seclusion can help us focus on our right perspective to our relationships.
  4. Boredom – We might feel like we would get bored taking some time for seclusion. We could fall victim of just running through the motions and not really communicating with God. We may try to take the route of “Let’s get this over with” and “Has this been long enough?” Are we really listening?
  5. Uneasiness – We feel like we will not know what to say or do. Men have a hard time with words in general and the feeling of communicating with God can be a bit scary.
  6. Awkwardness – Some people have a hard time being in silence. Being away from the noise can be frightening to some. In today’s society we are so attached to our electronic devices that it can be like we are losing control to be away from them for some period of time.
  7. People – What will my coworkers think? What will my family think? Will I lose my coolness if I seclude myself from the grind for some time. We often wonder if we will be looked down upon or if we will be considered weak.

Following Jesus’ habit of seclusion is a direct cure for handling the busy lives that we have trapped ourselves in. Let’s look at some things we can do to help us use seclusion effectively.

Four Ways We Can Channel Seclusion

  1. Tuning – This is the process of tuning out the noise and tuning in a specific scripture from God’s Word. This is a time to block out everything else and focus on Jesus.
  2. Time Out – This is the process of taking a time each day to be away from the computer, the telephone, cell phone, pagers, TVs, radios, and DVDs. Basically, it is a time to concentrate and recharge without anything that may distract us.
  3. Freeze Frame – This is a time for us to be still and simply listen to God. We often will not stay still long enough to hear God’s direction. Freeze Frame is a chance to practice silence before God.
  4. Pause – Seclusion allows us to relax and catch our breath. Seclusion gives us the opportunity to recharge our emotional and spiritual batteries. Jesus never withdrew permanently from the real world and so we should understand that we are going to return to the real world as well.

All you need for seclusion is a place where there are no interruptions, no noise, and privacy. This can be as easy as closing a door, taking advantage of a bathroom stall, a few quiet moments in a car, a quiet walk, or a shady tree. Get creative and plan on daily times of seclusion.