Today we are going to conclude our look at Prayer as a Happy Husband Habit. We started by looking at how to pray for our wife and then followed up with how to pray with our wife, so now we are going to look at how we can make prayer a Happy Husband Habit. This look at prayer has just barely scratched the surface of the topic, so I just want to mention that there are much better resources and much greater depth to this topic than I am covering in this post. That being said, let’s look at ways that we can make prayer a habit.

  1. Make Prayer a Discipline – Prayer cannot be something that we wait and do when we feel like it. To make it a habit we need to make it a choice. Not only do we need to find time to pray individually, we need to find time to pray with our wife and kids.
  2. Pray Throughout the Day – You can pray anywhere or any time throughout the day. You do not have to even close your eyes to pray. You can continuously pray throughout the day for needs that arise during your day. Making prayer a discipline this way, you can get into a habit where you almost subconsciously are sending up prayers everywhere you go. Finding out about what your wife’s schedule or kids’ schedules look like during the day can provide you a good template for some things you can pray directly for them for during the day.
  3. Pray Scriptures – One of the most powerful forms of praying is to pray portions of the Bible. Reading a portion of the Bible and personally applying it in prayer back to God is a prayer with great confidence because we know that God honors his Word.
  4. Pray About Every Major Decision – Getting into the habit of praying about every major decision keeps us humble and gives us the proper mindset to make decisions. We can avoid a lot of problems by asking for God’s help in our decision making process. Using this aspect of prayer shows that we trust the Lord in our lives.
  5. Pray Before Leaving From Home Each Day – Ask God to help you with each day and commit it to Him. Ask for His blessing, protection, and insight for you, your wife, and your family.
  6. Confess Your Sins – Try to confess any sin that you have as soon as you are aware of it. Asking for God’s forgiveness can cleanse your sins before they have time to take root and affect other aspects of your life.
  7. Show Reverence to God – There are many different positions that you can pray in that show reverence to God. You can stand, sit, kneel, or even place your head down to the floor. The key thing here is that it is the condition of your heart that matters. A lot of prayers can be said without closing your eyes, quickly, while driving, or just meditating.
  8. Be Real – God already knows your heart, so just talk to him in your own way. Prayer is a conversation between you and God. Prayer is not a test of your language skills or acting skills.
  9. Stay Persistent – God will bless our diligence to prayer. He will answer in His time. Our prayer needs to be grounded in faith. Maintaining a consistent prayer life with your wife and kids is a great example that you are taking on the spiritual leadership role in the family. They need to see your example.
  10. Expect God to Listen and Answer – Expect that God will answer your prayer. It may or may not be that your answer will be what you had hoped, though. Possible answers to prayer can be “Yes”, “No”, “Wait”, or “I’ve got something else, something better.”

To finish up our discussion of prayer I would like to throw out one last thought to you. In James 4:2 it states, “You do not have because you do not ask.” God will not answer any prayers that never get offered. I do not know about you, but I need a lot of help to get through every day. None of us pray to the extent that we should. Consistently reminding ourselves to take our concerns to the Lord is how we should live out each day. Have a talk with God today.