We are going to explore the third Happy Husband Habit today: Worship. In going through this series I think it is best to restate how we are exploring the Happy Husband Habits. Currently, I am going through a book by Jay Dennis called The Jesus Habits and trying to look at how the habits of Jesus can be a model for how we lead our lives as husbands and fathers.

For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst. Matthew 18:20

Let’s start off by trying to define worship. “Worship is an expression, an encounter, and an experience with God.” So, let’s try to simplify that to say that worship is the act of focusing on God. What are some of the manners in which we can worship? We worship when we praise Him, thank Him, confess our sins, surrender our heart and soul to Him, offer ourselves to Him, obey His Word, ask for His guidance, and tell others about Him.

When we think about worship we often think about the corporate worship we experience at Church where we attend the “Worship Service” with other believers. This is one of the key times in a week where we can go in a very public setting and have all of the manners of worship on display. Making attending the Sunday Worship Service a habit for my family is a great way for worship to be modeled for your home. We find that it recharges us for the week ahead and helps us focus on God during the week.

When we look at worship we often focus on corporate worship, but worship should be in our lives every day. We have the ability to worship no matter where we are. Hand in hand with prayer, worship should be in everything that we do. We know that we can listen to a worship song in our car or on an mp3 player, but we can meditate on an old hymn at any time throughout the day. We can worship him through our Bible study, through our prayers, through our offerings, and through our honesty. As a family we can worship in our attitudes, our fellowship, and our times around the dinner table.

Worship Versus Idols: The Competition

One thing that I think is important to add here is the concept that anything that comes between our worship and God is really an idol. God wants your worship and your actions show where your heart is. Matthew 6:21 states that “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” So, what do we idolize that interrupts our worship.

First, we idolize our time. How easy is it to schedule God away? Do we think twice about an activity that would take us away from our churches on Sundays? Do we schedule too many activities on Saturday that we are too tired to make it to church on Sunday?

Second, we idolize ourselves. Do we prepare ourselves for worship? Do we consider worship boring? Do we claim ignorance on how to worship?

Lastly, we idolize our money. We make excuses for why we do not give our time, talents, and money to God. Wes Church, the associate minister at our church, explains it this way, “We often times look at stewardship as how much of our money we are going to give to God, but should we not really be asking how much of God’s money are we going to keep for ourselves.”